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Contact: Flag a contact
Author: Michael BauerHomepage
Date: 19.01.2006Accessed: 22704

We are very sorry! This description is not translated yet. Anyway, please try the code as it is self-explanatory.

Public Sub FlagContactItem(oContact As Outlook.ContactItem, _
  ByVal lFlagStatus As Long, _
  ByVal dtFlagDueBy As Date, _
  sFlagText As String _
  Dim oMsg As MAPI.Message
  Dim oFields As MAPI.Fields

  Const CdoPropSetID4 As String = "0820060000000000C000000000000046"
  Const CdoPR_FLAG_STATUS As Long = &H10900003
  Const CdoPR_FLAG_DUE_BY As String = "{" & CdoPropSetID4 & "}" & "0x8502"
  Const CdoPR_FLAG_TEXT As String = "{" & CdoPropSetID4 & "}" & "0x8530"

  Set oMsg = GetMessage(oContact)
  Set oFields = oMsg.Fields

  Select Case lFlagStatus
  Case 0
    ' Flag löschen
    DeleteField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_STATUS
    DeleteField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_DUE_BY
    DeleteField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_TEXT

  Case 1
    ' Weißes Flag (erledigt)
    AddField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_STATUS, vbLong, lFlagStatus

  Case 2
    ' Rotes Flag
    AddField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_STATUS, vbLong, lFlagStatus
    AddField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_DUE_BY, vbDate, dtFlagDueBy
    AddField oFields, CdoPR_FLAG_TEXT, vbString, sFlagText
  End Select

  oMsg.Update True
End Sub

Private Sub AddField(oFields As MAPI.Fields, _
  PropTag As Variant, _
  DataType As Variant, _
  Value As Variant _
  On Error Resume Next
  Dim oField As MAPI.Field

  Set oField = oFields(PropTag)
  If oField Is Nothing Then
    Set oField = oFields.Add(PropTag, DataType)
  End If
  oField.Value = Value
End Sub

Private Sub DeleteField(oFields As MAPI.Fields, _
  PropTag As Variant _
  On Error Resume Next
  Dim oField As MAPI.Field

  Set oField = oFields(PropTag)
  If Not oField Is Nothing Then
  End If
End Sub


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