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VBOffice SAM 3.0

for Microsoft® Outlook®

SAM automatically sets the sender, signature, and folder for sent items based on several criteria.



  • Do you often manually edit an automatically inserted signature because Outlook cannot differentiate between business contacts and your family or good friends?
  • Do you want to automatically reply to certain e-mails from a specific sender address, no matter who the e-mail was sent to?
  • Do you want to be asked for a specific sending account to be used before sending an e-mail?
  • Would you prefer several folders for sent items, for example based on certain projects?

 A strong combination: SAM's Category Rules and Category Manager. E-Mails are categorized faster, a reminder ensures that you never forget to assign a category, and actions are triggered with a single click.

The Features:

You can set your desired sending account for every e-mail.
The appropriate signature is inserted for every e-mail.
Sent items are stored in a folder of your choice or deleted immediately if you so choose.
Sent items can be stored even in a public folder of an Exchange server.
Before sending an e-mail, SAM can ask you which sending account to use and where to store the sent message.
You use rules to define when SAM executes which action.
In the Basic version, you can create any number of rules for e-mail addresses.
In the Professional version, more types of rules are available. This allows you to create rules for categories of recipients, categories of e-mails, and for all of your folders.
New Save your rules on a file server and share them with other users.
System Requirements 

Windows® XP or higher (32bit, 64bit)
Outlook® 2007, 2010.

Download software 

Test the demo without obligation for 30 days for free!

No need to install again after unlocking.

Limitations of the demo: None

Version: 3.0.176 / File size about: 4.46 MB

Lifetime license; free support via e-mail.
Update guarantee: All updates within 12 months for free!

Please note: For every seat one license is necessary!

 Prices per Seat
125.90 USD35.90 USD
2 - 422.45 USD29.95 USD
5 - 919.60 USD25.80 USD
10 - 1416.90 USD22.90 USD
15 - 1914.60 USD19.80 USD
20 - 2912.95 USD17.45 USD
30 - 3411.50 USD15.30 USD

With one site license you may install the software on as many computers within your company as you like!

Site License399.00 USD549.00 USD

You can order the licenses online using a credit card, personal check, wire transfer, etc. All transactions are securely processed by ShareIT.

The license file will be sent to you within one hour after the payment is complete.

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