Version History: Reporter

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Determine the "identity" of your emails. Set with SAM the sender and the folder folder for sent items with the help of rules.

The table lists the date of publication and the most important changes.

  • Fixed: The previous version didn`t export to Excel anymore.
  • Fixed: IMAP folders were not displayed.
  • Fixed: Since the last update the 'IsRecurring' column wasn't available anymore.
  • New: Two columns added, now you can see the start and end dates of a series.
  • New: Outlook 2013 (32bit) is supported.
  • Fixed: Some appointments created by an iPhone were wrongly filtered.
  • New: Increased performance. The addin starts very fast even if there're a lot of report templates.
  • Fixed: The task item property 'Actual Work' can be chosen, and it's not displayed as 'Duration' anymore.
  • Fixed: Any local date format is supported. Also, now the Outlook setting for 'First day of week' is respected.
  • Update for Outlook 2010.
  • The Add-in runs with Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit. However, the installed Microsoft Office must be the 32bit version.
  • New: The Excel formats *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltx und *.xltm are supported.
  • New: The license modell has been changed. The new Basic version is designed for single-users without an Exchange server. And now for the access to public folders the Professional version is sufficient yet.
  • New: For Excel reports headers and footers are supported now.
  • New: For the current report the folder selection can be cancelled.
  • Fixed: When opening a report with Excel 2007, Excel reported an error due to a wrong file format.
  • Fixed: The filter 'This Month' was ignored.
  • Fixed: For items not stored in the default store some properties were not visible.
  • New: The report view can be grouped by mailbox owner.
  • New: For exporting to Excel or HTML you may optionally export only subtotals.
  • New: For date&time fields the time can be hidden.
  • New: Supports exporting the message body.
  • Fixed: The Due Date of task items was wrong depending on the time zone.
  • Fixed: The folder dialog was displayed in German.
  • Fixed: The date filter didn't work with English formatted dates.
  • Published
Category-Manager Category-Manager
With Category-Manager you can group your Outlook categories, share them with other users, filter a folder by category, automatically categorize new emails, and more. You can use the Addin even for IMAP.
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