Version History: OLKeeper

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Determine the "identity" of your emails. Set with SAM the sender and the folder folder for sent items with the help of rules.

The table lists the date of publication and the most important changes.

  • Fix: A click on the upper right cross of the OLKeeper dialog closed Outlook instead of just closing the dialog.
  • New: High resolution screens are supported.
  • Fix: Without a valid license the options dialog couldn´t be displayed.
  • New: Outlook 64bit is supported.
  • Minor issues fixed
  • Fixed: If the ribbon of the Addin was disabled via the ini file, then the prompt for clicking on File/Exit was disabled, too.
  • Fixed: The prompt was missing if more than one folder was open and the user clicked on File/Exit.
  • New: Outlook 2013 (32bit) is supported.
  • New: Supports Outlook 2010.
  • The Add-in runs with Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit. However, the installed Microsoft Office must be the 32bit version.
  • New: By a switch in the settings.ini file it is possible to prevent Outlook from displaying the options dialog box. With that an administrator can determine all the settings, and the user cannot change that.
  • Fixed: When the box to display the OLKeeper taskbar was unchecked, the taskbar still came back when Outlook was restarted.
  • New: You can determine how Outlook should behave if you click the Close button or the cross in the upper right corner: Shut down, minimize or prompt the user
  • Published
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