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Distribution List: Display the count of the member
Author: Michael BauerHomepage
Date: 03.12.2006Accessed: 25922

A distribution list's member count is limited. But Outlook doesn't tell you how many members are already in a list.

You get the information with a few lines of code. Please copy the sample into the module 'ThisOutlookSession' and save it. Right click on a toolbar, Customize/Commands/Macros, and drag the name of the macro to a toolbar. By clicking that new button you can call the function if a distribution list is selected.

Option Explicit

Public Sub ShowMemberCount()
  Dim obj As Object
  Dim DL As Outlook.DistListItem

  If TypeOf Application.ActiveWindow Is Outlook.Explorer Then
    If Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Count Then
      Set obj = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection(1)
    End If
    Set obj = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
  End If

  If Not obj Is Nothing Then
    If TypeOf obj Is Outlook.DistListItem Then
      Set DL = obj
      MsgBox "Name: " & DL.DLName & _
        vbCrLf & "Member: " & DL.MemberCount, _
        , "Member Count"
    End If
  End If
End Sub

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