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Access: Add contacts to Outlook
Author: Michael BauerHomepage
Date: 23.08.2008Accessed: 26201

With a few lines of code you may copy recordsets from an Access database to Outlook. In this sample, the fields "Fullname" and "EMailAddress" from the table "Customers" will be read, and for every found recordset a new contact will be created in Outlook.

In the procedure "ConnectDB", change the values for the variables "File" (file name of your Access database), "Fields" (field names to be read), and "Table" (name of the database table). Repeat the field names in the procedure "AddContactsFromAccess", and assign the values to the appropriate ContactItem properties.

You also need to add a reference to a "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x Library" via Tools/References. If there's more than one library of that type, just choose the most current one.

Public Sub AddContactsFromAccess()
  Dim Contact As Outlook.ContactItem
  Dim Name As String
  Dim Fields As ADODB.Fields

  Set Fields = m_Rs.Fields

  While Not m_Rs.EOF
    Set Contact = Application.CreateItem(olContactItem)

    Name = "Fullname"
    If IsNull(Fields(Name).Value) = False Then
      Contact.FullName = Fields(Name).Value
    End If

    Name = "EMailAddress"
    If IsNull(Fields(Name).Value) = False Then
      Contact.FullName = Fields(Name).Value
    End If


  m_Rs.Clone: Set m_Rs = Nothing
  m_Cn.Close: Set m_Cn = Nothing
End Sub

Private Sub ConnectDB()
  Dim File As String
  Dim Table As String
  Dim Fields As String

  File = "c:\test.mdb"

  Fields = "Fullname, EMailAddress"
  Table = "Customers"

  Set m_Cn = New ADODB.Connection
  With m_Cn
    .Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
    .ConnectionString = File
    .CursorLocation = adUseClient
    .Mode = adModeShareDenyNone
  End With

  Set m_Rs = New ADODB.Recordset
  With m_Rs
    .CursorLocation = adUseClient
    .CursorType = adOpenStatic
    .LockType = adLockOptimistic
    Set .ActiveConnection = m_Cn
    .Open ("SELECT " & Fields & " FROM " & Table)
  End With
End Sub

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